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Acecubez is a full-service Blockchain PR, marketing & branding firm. Our clients are served with a robust blend of quality services and unmatched talent. We help our clients grow with results-oriented press releases, websites, advertisements, marketing, SEO and PR campaigns.

What We Do

We create integrated marketing and PR campaigns for  testnets and mainnet launches.

We are more than a conventional blockchain PR agency, with our KPI-driven model that delivers impactful business outcomes. we never charge for pitches, only for the mentions we generate. Our proven strategies allow us to secure mentions, interviews and even bylined articles in top business, tech and cryptocurrency publications. This way, you can focus on development while we generate buzz for your startup. Work with the best crypto PR agency.

All our services come with up to 100% money back guarantee.

Press Releases

Our press releases get published on ~250 websites incl. Yahoo, Reuters, Altcoin Magazine, BlockNewsAfrica, AmbCrypto with estimated traffic of over 5 Million Page Views per month. As a leading STO/IEO PR agency, we offer guarantees for crypto outlets as well. We ensure they reach print journalists, broadcast & online media, and other analysts.

Brand Mentions

An effective mention elevates the recognition that your business gets. If your brand is highly consistent & is easily recognizable, more and more people will feel confident in availing for solutions and services. We have proven strategies and connections that guarantees brand mentions in outlets with at least 100,000 visits/month.

Fund Raising

Our analysts and partners have been working in VC funds, and participated in 100+ meetings with investors, helping our clients get funded. We are all about making the entrepreneurs’ lives easier, especially when it comes to fundraising.

Thought Leadership

We’ll work with your c-level executives and turn them into thought leader and content influencers. This means we’ll ghostwrite great content on their behalf or refine content they write. This helps the CEO/Founder establish her/himself as a thought leader within the industry.


Nothing in public relations is quite as rewarding as securing an important interview for a client. Although business executives have extensive knowledge about their companies, they may not be skilled at answering journalists or analysts questions in interviews. It’s our role to secure, prepare and train them for interviews.

Intro to Key Players

As a full service Blockchain PR agency in Africa, We’re very connected in the blockchain space in Nigeria, Africa and the World and we can facilitate partnerships between companies and major industry players in the space or make intros that can lead to business deals and profitable partnerships.

Exchange Listings

We help projects to list their tokens in cryptocurrency exchanges  through our partners. We are going to help you to list your token in the best exchanges avialable on the market. List your projects to 16+ exchanges including SaBi Exchange, CoinTiger, Citex,  LA Token, IDAX or Bitmart.

Community Management

We help our customers build communities while monitoring and improving their social media (Telegram, Medium, Linkedin, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) performance, protecting their reputation, and providing better customer care.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your website rankings on Search Engines with SEO and acquire more leads. By improving the ranking of a website you attract more traffic which should ultimately lead to more inquiries and sales.


From the organizations behind exchanges to cryptocurrencies, from VC-backed companies to nonprofits, and from consumer platforms to sophisticated protocols, Acecubez Blockchain PR proudly represents innovators disrupting industries with emerging technologies.


Case Study: CashFree

Cashfree is more than just a mobile payment app. Cashfree simplifies life for everyone in the local community and boosts the local economy.

CashFree required us to create an appealing PR plan that will help amplify cashfree to its target audience, drive engagement and conversation with major focus on fintech.

We created a PR plan, started pitching and secured interviews on Hacked  brand mentions, full features and press release on Reuters and CCN like the ones below (click each image to see the actual article).

Case Study: Platin

Platin came to us looking for the best PR services which could get them the required publicity in top tech and crypto publications. We brainstormed PR angles, started pitching and secured eight brand mentions, full features and even interviews in publications like the ones below (click each image to see the actual article).

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“If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR” – Bill Gates


“Earned media can excite readers about the true potential of your project and team creating impact unlike any other marketing channel.”

A Little More About Us

We have built the best PR blockchain team, focusing on strategic communications with the media and influencers in the field, to take innovative crypto companies to the next level with maximum visibility in the space in front of reporters, investors, and the blockchain community.

Our business model is simple: deliver results, and we stick to our core values of Transparency, Commitment and Purpose.

Our Blockchain PR agency unit is dedicated to serve the specific PR needs of blockchain companies and has substantial experience in coin PR and token PR. We have already worked with a good number of blockchain companies, including: Platin, Opiria , Palantir, CashFree, RestartEnergy, DINNGO and more.

We focus on the most promising projects with a strong potential for long-term growth and success. We gravitate toward innovative leaders with disruptive solutions. Beyond hype, we’re tackling real problems that blockchain can solve with real results.


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