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9 Powerful holiday marketing tips to boost sales immediately

As the “sluggish” season draws to an end and the busiest time of the year approaches, We share 9 powerful holiday marketing tips to boost your sales. There is an important question all brands should answer:

Are you geared up for the holiday season?

For most, the answer is a resounding “NO,” which means there may be no better time than now to start thinking about your holiday marketing strategies.

The festive season is a really perfect time to hook up with your clients in a cheery manner. Whether it’s to reward your loyal customers, to warm up current leads, or even lure new ones with a few powerful branding campaigns. There’s a huge opportunity to use the seasons to your marketing advantage.


Here are 9 powerful holiday marketing tips to boost sales this season.

Start Early, Finish late

While the holiday season is often thought of as occurring mainly from early November through the New Year, the reality is that consumers shop for gifts long before the festive season and long after that.

Data from Emarketer shows that about 32% of consumers start shopping as early as October, even before Thanksgiving and about 24% of consumers still shop even after the Christmas Eve.

“Ensure that your messaging starts early and end late” to take advantage of the long shopping season.

Provide Inspiration across many channels

If you want your products and services to be seen by holiday shoppers. Make sure to utilize different marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Emails, and Newsletters, ask friends and families, physical stores and other different media you can think of. It helps to bring in leads and improve brand awareness.

Ensure that you provide Inspirations across channels.

Focus on Social Media to reach younger consumers

Some 42% of retailers say they intend focusing more on social media this. Why? Because increasingly that’s where younger consumers look first when holiday shopping.

According to Emarketer, 47% of millennials use Facebook for Holiday shopping gift ideas, as compared to 39% of Generation Z. Also, 31% of Millenials use Instagram for holiday shopping gift ideas.

“Ensure you target social media if you want to reach the younger consumers”.

Be Specific about the Holiday

Broad messaging often falls flat with consumers. Specificity about the holiday you are targeting can boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.

According to findings, Generic holiday-themed emails had a lower open rate (13.8%) when compared to the Non-themed messages (14.6%),

Generic holiday- themed emails also had a conversion rate of 2.3% when compared with the Non-themed mails (4%).


Personalize your Messaging

Personalization can be extremely powerful during the holiday season. Last Year, email subject lines that included consumers name significantly outperformed those that did not. With 17% Higher Unique Open Rate, 30% Unique Click Rate and 43% Revenue Per Mail.

“Make sure to send at least some this season to add extra punch to your email campaign”

Offer more than Discounts

People love sales during the holiday season. The problem is that every brand has these. That is why things other than discounts are often what spurs customers on to buy.

64% of consumers say free shipping offers from brands convinces them to order. Also, 25% of consumers say free gift after purchases convince them to order.

“Offer free shipping offers, helpful customer service, free gifts etc.”


Make Mobile a major focus

Mobile devices have become a core part of the holiday shopping process. 48% of consumers say they do holiday shopping smartphone or tablets, with mobile commerce sales expected to jump by 38% this holiday season.

Holiday Marketing tips

“Ensure that all aspect of your digital holiday campaigns are designed with mobile in mind”.


Make Returns very easy

Why do people fail to complete holiday e-commerce purchases? One of the biggest is that consumers are worried about retailer’s return policy.

Some of the consumer’s biggest concerns about return policies are:

  • Return shipping isn’t free
  • The return time frame window is too short
  • Difficult to return to a store
  • Can only return for a store credit, not a refund

“Make few changes to your return policy and you may see notable changes in your holiday order completion stats.


Finally, Don’t Give Up

If a consumer doesn’t complete a holiday purchase on your website. Make sure to try, try and try again. Because abandoned cart emails and targeted ads are highly effective.

Some of the importance of abandoned cart messages:

  • Abandoned cart messages are opened 2x more than other messages.
  • Sending two abandoned cart messages is 35% more effective than sending just one.
  • Sending three abandoned cart messages is 44% more effective than sending just two.

“Always provide simple options like abandoned cart completion are so effective.

So, if you use the right tools at the right time with the right messaging, you will enhance the shopping experience for your customers and thereby make them buy from your brand.

Take a calculated risk and do something that no other brand will do. That’s how your offer will stand out among the rest.

Implement these strategies to achieve all your holiday marketing goals!!

Summarily, these are the 9 holiday marketing tips you should integrate into your marketing campaign:

  1. Start Early, Finish late
  2. Provide Inspirations across many channels
  3. Focus on Social Media to reach younger consumers
  4. Be Specific about the Holiday
  5. Personalize your Messaging
  6. Offer more than Discounts
  7. Make Mobile a major focus
  8. Make Returns very easy
  9. Finally, Don’t Give Up.

Go out there and have a profitable Christmas season.

Care to add any other tip(s)? We’d love to hear from you.

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