11 Law Firm Marketing Strategies to Use in 2019

Imagine being at the top of Google for your keywords; receiving high-quality, qualified traffic; growing your client base, and increasing profits.

We’ve put together 11 proven law firm marketing strategies for you and your law firm to implement. It’s challenging enough to be a full-time attorney, keeping up with your current cases, let alone trying to figure out how to consistently acquire new cases.

11 Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies You Have to Use in 2019 1While some of these law firm marketing strategies will be easy to implement, it’s always good to have an experienced guide to help you through some of the more advanced tactics.

As you start going through these law firm marketing ideas and want help, just let us know. We offer comprehensive law firm marketing services.

Let’s get started.

Start off by building a brand

Branding is not just about having expensive letterheads and business cards and winning marketing awards.

If you want to build a brand, you need the right message. It should be based around some fundamentals of the image that you want your law firm to project.

Your brand should take into account the following:

Your USPs – what makes your law firm unique?
What’s your value proposition – why should anyone listen to you?
What do you consistently do better than other law firms – how do you differentiate yourself from the many competing law firms?

Branding doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on the needs of your customers and keep it simple.

Once you’ve created your brand message, integrate it into all your marketing channels: website, social media, professional networks, offline literature, etc.

Determine Your Target Audience

It is important to identify who the target audience is. Determining what their demography, income, and employment are can help you align your strategies to target the right people. You should also determine what they are searching for and what other places, such as specific sites, forums, and social networks.

The better you know who your potential clients are, the easier it is to attract them and appeal to their needs. With your target audience identified and profiled, you can begin trying to entice them to visit your website.

Define Your Law Firm’s Marketing Goals

Many law firms do not focus on digital marketing, because they’re used to “traditional marketing” or print, radio, and billboard advertising used to be able to do. Spending a large sum of money for some amount of “impressions” or value-added placement is common in this realm.

With digital marketing, you can segment your budget into many categories that will reach different audiences with different messages – thereby increasing the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

Your attorneys may want to take part in this process so they are able to connect field work with your digital strategy – this leads to the most effective results company-wide.

11 Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies You Have to Use in 2019 2

By spending some of your advertising budgets on digital marketing, you could earn far more targeted views than you would receive with “traditional” methods, plus you’ll be able to track your metrics ongoing and make adjustments accordingly.

Get Referrals from Other Attorneys

One of the main drivers of quality cases is from getting leads from other attorneys in the area. The majority of attorneys have a setout niche of practice areas or sub-practice area they excel at.

There is a wealth of referral opportunities from other attorneys. Just make sure the referrals are a two-way street. In most cases, you can share the fees if you’re both working the case.

Position yourself as a thought leader

The content (whether it’s videos on your site, articles and monthly newsletters, etc.) will depend on your ideal/target clients. Setting yourself up as a subject matter expert through inbound is the most cost-effective lead generation tool out there.

Demonstrate credibility & authority

A solid law firm marketing strategy should involve both active and passive marketing activities.

A good example of passive marketing is your website copy that helps build credibility and authority around your firm.

Here are a few good examples of what you should make sure to include in your online marketing in 2019:

  • Awards you’ve received – By featuring awards won, you establish instant credibility
  • Reviews from your clients – Instant credibility is also achieved by reviews and testimonials from past clients. You can also feature a page of testimonials for each practice area, with case results detailed too.
  • Case studies to demonstrate expertise -Highlight case studies to demonstrate their expertise and success.

Evaluate Your Law Firm Website’s Performance

One of the first steps is to evaluate your website’s performance to see if everything is working how it should. Page load speed is a high-value indicator for website performance, so making sure that your website is serving static pages or using a CDN may help reduce the load times for your visitors.

Law Firm Marketing StrategiesThis report will also indicate some quick steps you can take to optimize your website’s performance. If your firm has a web developer, you can simply forward this report for immediate improvements and move on. You may never get a “perfect score,” but this analysis will help you understand what factors are being used to determine your website’s performance rating and allow you to make the adjustments you need to outdo your competitors online.

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Run an SEO campaign to improve visibility in Google’s search results

First up, every law firm must pay attention to SEO at all times, not just in 2019. Here’s why:

  • 75% of people never go past the first page of Google. – Source
  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. – Source

Bottom line: you need to be seen in the search engine results pages to get clicks and traffic.

Some aspects of law firm SEO, such as good keyword research, having professionally written titles and descriptions, maintaining a logical website architecture, optimizing images, and keeping the page load times short, are simply best-practice SEO at all times.

Additionally, many law firms target clients from the local area. This requires good local SEO, with Google My Business accounts fully optimized.

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You’re going to need to spend a lot of time doing search engine optimization by yourself, but if a DIY doesn’t seem like a good idea, we offer specialized law firm SEO marketing/search engine optimization services to keep your website bringing in high-quality leads.

If you don’t have time to constantly work on adding new content and doing link outreach campaigns, then hire an expert law firm marketing company (like us) or someone else that has a proven track record.

List Your Law Firm and Website on Legal Directories

Many Attorneys fail to even indicate which practice areas they specialize in, or which locations they are able to cover for their clients. This is vital information for your website visitors. It’s also important to keep your Law Firm’s details up to date and complete across the directories that your potential clients will likely discover your business.

Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing has the highest ROI of all digital marketing strategies? While it’s not typical for law firms to use this common tactic- if you can creatively connect with and pitch your existing client base, you might be surprised at the results you’ll get!

Lot’s of the email marketing for your law firm can be setup using sequences and it much of it can be automated after the initial setup for your law firm.

Since nearly everyone on Earth uses email, you’ll need to make sure yours sticks out and has value to its reader. By writing relevant blogs and sharing advice with existing or potential clients through email marketing, you can ensure that your articles have more visitors as soon as you publish them, and continue to provide value to your clients even before or after their case.

Remarketing your Law Firm

Have you ever visited a company’s website and later noticed the same company’s banner ads on another website, mobile site, or even on Facebook? This is a simple yet effective marketing campaign called remarketing, and you can implement it for a very low cost to make sure that your visitors keep coming back to see more of your pitch before deciding which law firm to represent them.

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Retargeting also supports an extremely important marketing strategy known as brand differentiation. By remarketing your firm across many channels online, you will win more available cases because the spread on ads should gain an edge over your competitors.

Potential clients invest less trust in companies if they’re unfamiliar with them, further instilling trust in your firm because of its high visibility on all of the media channels that your visitors prefer to visit.


It’s always difficult to gaze into a crystal ball with law firm marketing but the above areas cover the main ones we’re advising our clients to focus on in 2019.

Perhaps you have other ideas for legal marketing strategies that are set to take off?

I’d love to hear about them. Email me and let me know!

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