10 SEO Trends That Could Make or Break Your Website in 2019

Are you wondering how your website will perform on search engines in 2019? Want to stay on top of the SEO trends that could make or break your website this year?

As 2019-Q2 kicks into gear, it’s time to consider what will change in the digital marketing ecosystem this year and how it will affect your business online.

10 SEO Trends That Could Make or Break Your Website in 2019 1Given that the digital marketing space is constantly changing with SEO, social media, PPC and content marketing as the major players – it’s very difficult to keep up with all these changes happening in short span of time.

Staying on top of SEO trends will give you an edge over your competitors in the market. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of SEO trends that will be crucial as the year goes by.

Let’s get started!

Optimize For Voice Search

The 1st on our SEO Trends for  2019 is Voice Search. Research suggests that by 2020, voice search will account for close to 50% of the total number of searches. In line with these statistics, it will definitely surprise you to know that about 40% of adults are already using voice search over normal keyed-in searches.

Seo trends

SEO Trends

With so many people using their phones in the car and on the go, voice search has become increasingly popular.

2019 is the year of massive adoption of voice search.

Focus on the specific questions and try to answer them concisely.

One way to integrate voice search into your SEO strategy is the use of voice translate.

Website pages that are programmed for voice translation have a better chance of being the first results on a SERP, simply by being the most helpful to a large division of users.

Optimize and make sure that your page is the first option Cortana, Alexa, Siri or Google provides to users!

Optimize your website with voice search through voice search SEO

HTTPs will still call the shots

The concern for web security has gained a lot of attention since Google started labeling non-HTTPS sites as ‘Not Secure’ from July 2018.

Online security is a huge deal. In 2018, the EU enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which entitles users to more control over their private information that’s used by sites.

This year, the need for an SSL certificate (HTTPS) will remain the same for every website in order to enjoy credibility, high-level security as well as better rankings.

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SSL Certifiate

Both now and in the future, Google will continue showing ‘Not Secure’ warnings for non-HTTPs sites, so more people are adopting it to gain the trust of their customers as well as to improve their rankings.

According to a survey, 82% of respondents said they will leave a website that is not secured

If you want to improve your search engine rankings for your website(s), you should rely on at least a basic SSL certificate such as Comodo SSL as an effective and affordable means to secure the crucial data of online customers.

User Experience (UX) will still dominate

Your business website can be the initial sales touchpoint you have with a prospect, and the first impression they get of your company. If what they see is outdated and unattractive, it can negatively influence their overall opinion of your brand.

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10 SEO Trends That Could Make or Break Your Website in 2019 2The user experience on a website can make or break a business of any magnitude. Your business website(s) should be optimized to guarantee smooth User Experience.

That means an easy-to-understand, intuitive design, a low page load time, and absolutely no technical issues.

Your website gives a better impression of your business than any advertisement. Never let your most powerful assets tarnish your reputation.

According to Statista, 83% of users say they want seamless user experience in all their devices.

Video getting more popular

Statistics suggest that videos have the power to increase user engagement by a stunning 80% when compared to simple text or audio clips.

People engage more with visual contents than text content. This practice is expected to continue as the year goes on. Video SEO Trends

Videos are an ever increasingly popular information medium, which makes them a rich source of customer traffic when you use them cleverly.

Put in some interesting and informative videos on some part of your webpages to increase user engagement on your website.

Mobile-first indexing

With mobile devices hogging online searches, businesses will thrive for higher ranking on mobile searches

Almost half of all internet traffic is from mobile devices. And that figure is only rising. That being said, Google has decided to shift its algorithm towards mobile-first indexing.SEO Trends

Mobile-first indexing is an approach that will rank websites that perform best on mobile devices better, it is nothing but a measure of how well your website is optimized so that a superior mobile version is delivered.

Google is expected to measure the optimization of your blog/site on mobiles. It will check the extent to which your web content meets the mobile display standards.

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What this means, You must have a mobile-friendly version of your site, or else Google will index something you can’t show to mobile users. And a large chunk of traffic will go right past you.

Artificial intelligence

AI technology has massive revolutionary potentials. It’s little wonder businesses are actively looking for ways to integrate it into their business. SEO Trends

Through Machine Learning, digital marketers and SEO specialists can automate a number of SEO tasks like reporting and data analysis.

Thus Machine Learning will be able to improve the abilities of SEO so that it can yield efficient and quick responses to online searches.

Artificial Intelligence will dictate the future of SEO by providing a number of personalized user experiences teamed with automation.

Artificial intelligence can also be integrated into Google’s ranking algorithm, it can be used to more effectively sniff out websites practicing black-hat SEO.

Blockchain for SEO

Blockchain technology has uses in making the Internet more secure, which is why it’s been trending lately.

10 SEO Trends That Could Make or Break Your Website in 2019 3Webmasters are looking for ways to integrate it into their sites and potentially profit from it. It is expected that blockchain can also be used in SEO for things like validating backlinks.

Such a move can build trust amongst internet users, weeding out fake backlinks.

It is in this way that blockchain is expected to play an important role in SEO to counter the occurrences of online fraud and black hat SEO tactics.


Content is still King

When one says that ‘Content is King’, it is not about pasting lengthy blog posts on your web pages. It is all about showing up relevant and engaging information that satisfies the intent of the user.

SEO TrendsContent also deals with connecting your online information with external links that further explain a particular topic so that more visitors visit your site.

In reality, size doesn’t matter. Or rather, you can’t expect users to be satisfied with size alone, but pushing engaging and quality contents will keep your website on the Google 1st page.


Target Featured Snippets

Google has been killing it by coming up with smart ways to display search engine results.

Google has decided that it doesn’t make sense for every website to be displayed exactly the same. They have also made it so common searches find quick answers easily and in a concise form.


10 SEO Trends That Could Make or Break Your Website in 2019 4

Local SEO

While this isn’t one of the newest SEO trends, the rising shift towards a mobile majority market will make local SEO exceptionally prevalent. Especially for businesses, being on the first page of a SERP, being in Google’s Local Pack, or being in geo-targeted ads will be vital for appreciable traffic.

¾ of people will not get past the first page of a SERP.

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This means that if you are a company that relies on local business vs online, and have not put thought into local SEO – your competitors have the lion’s share of the market.

Do something about it today!!

Final thoughts

The above-described 10 SEO trends if not followed is going to break your business.

In order to follow the trend, you need to have a well-planned SEO strategy so as to be in line with these upcoming trends. Such a strategy will enable SEO specialists to provide better search results to users.

If the implementation is your only concern or you would even like a free audit, then reach out to us.

We’d be happy to discuss where your business could improve and how your website could benefit from our SEO services. We consistently find ways to scrub websites and build pipelines for them to rank higher and receive more traffic! Let us help you reach that top spot on the Google search.

10 SEO Trends That Could Make or Break Your Website in 2019 1

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