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Frequently asked questions about Acecubez Marketing’s Lead Generation Programs

Ultimately, the answer to this will come down to your budget. All three packages will help you generate more traffic and leads through your website. All three will position you as an industry expert in your field. And all three will help generate more revenue. However, the more content we produce and add to your website, the more traffic we can attract, which will ultimately mean more leads for your business. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation to discuss the different options, feel free to book a time to chat using this link.

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When you sign up for one of our three lead generation packages we’ll conduct an introductory call to learn more about what you want to accomplish with the program. After that call, we will send you our digital marketing services agreement for your review and approval and schedule our first monthly strategy session. Prior to our strategy session, we will send you links to our tone and messaging template and our buyer persona template. Both templates are extremely easy to complete and won’t take much time at all. During our strategy session, we will review the persona and messaging template, discuss where you want to focus your marketing energy over the next month and develop a content calendar to get you there. Our team will take away the plan and turn it into reality! You will be updated all through the process and we’ll deliver all materials on time.

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The big question! How long will this take? The answer “it depends” is deeply unsatisfying but accurate. To help, we start with your average sales cycle and go from there. If your sales cycle is long, like one of our clients that has an 18-36 month sales cycle, then it can take up to half that time to generate qualified sales leads. If your sales cycle is closer to 30-60 days, you will start to see the activity before 30 days are out. If you don’t know your average sales cycle length yet, work from your worst case scenario. Part of shortening the process is having past experience to learn from.

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Guaranteed Sales Leads are marketing qualified/sales qualified leads according to this grid. Because we can’t control the actual sale, we will work with you to define the characteristics of a “good sales lead” and work with you to develop a scoring system that we’ll use to qualify leads. We have examples of this we’re happy to share. As a matter of fact, we’ll even show you our internal system because we score your business the same way. It’s part of how we can offer a full guarantee.

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Guaranteed Inquiries are marketing qualified leads. The difference between inquiries and sales leads in this program is the equivalent to the last mile challenge utilities face. The most expensive part of getting power to your home is the last mile, and to us, that’s a guaranteed sales lead. Inquiries are the flow of companies and buyers that come close to you but need to be pulled into the last mile to reach your house. We measure who is coming in and can see who is asking for information and guarantee that they are in your market.

Category: Lead Generation
Guaranteed Traffic is traffic matches your prospect and customer criteria. It doesn’t help to double the traffic to your site if 2/3 of it isn’t who you want to attract. We work with you to identify your sales lead criteria, figure out a way to measure it and work to increase that traffic.
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Good question. What we do at LeadGen Compass won’t work for everyone. We have a set of criteria and assessments that help us both make a good decision because if you’re like our best customers, this will be a long term relationship. To find out more, let’s talk about your specific situation and we can give you examples that will be relevant to you.

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No problem! We can synchronize with your team and any solutions that you use. We work alongside Sales teams all the time. We can improve your existing strategy or propose a new one.

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Sure, once you sign-up, you will get access to the dashboard where you can see campaign open rates and replies. Upon request, we also provide weekly performance reports.

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We only email as one human manually emails another human after discovering a need and proposing a value. Depending on the project, we can send emails from existing infrastructure, or setup a new one. You also have an option to receive warm leads automatically or via an introduction from your dedicated sales rep..

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